Important, Please Read This Information First


Thank you for considering our services.  Before you read on, it is important to summarize some key points for you to avoid confusion:
First, please remember that our work is customized for each client and that makes generalizations difficult. 
Second, although we never recommend doing so, a few of our clients still like to trade securities such as stocks and bonds themselves.  In those cases our clients will have "trading accounts" elsewhere.  However, our standard minimum requirement of $250,000 in other investments/funds under management still must be met by such clients in order for a relationship with our firm to exist.
Third, securities are placed and investment advice and management are rendered under Federal laws that have restrictions on what we can say in a website and elsewhere.  Here are the two key rules that relate to a website:
1.    We are not allowed to state a rate of return for our company's work (performance results).  This is because each client's portfolio is customized and such information could be misleading as a result.
2.    We are also not allowed to provide testimonials from other clients or anyone we do business with in any way for the same reason as stated above.
We can and do provide considerable information on any strategy, investment or portfolio manager that we utilize for our clients in conjunction with our recommendations.  Also, the regulations allow us to provide references and we are always delighted to do so.
Finally, the relationship between Greenbrier Capital Corporation and the company we work through, H. Beck, Inc., may be confusing initially, so here are the points to know:
1.    Employees of financial services firms are permitted to provide investment advice and sell securities only through a registration relationship with a Registered Securities Broker/Dealer and Registered Investment Adviser.
2.    Our employees' registrations in these fields is through H. Beck, Inc, which is a Registered Investment Adviser and an independent Registered Securities Broker/Dealer.
3.    Elsewhere in this website, you will find descriptions of both companies and details of the important advantages our independence and synergistic interlock provides our clientele.

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