World Class Wealth Management             

         in a Small West Virginia Town

Thanks to our special professional relationships and today's technology, we have streamlined access to, in our opinion, the best asset managers and investment services available.  Our objective is to source quality, wherever it is located and we strive to attain that objective.
In fact, the advantage our clients often tell us that they most appreciate is our power to connect them with the carefully selected investments and asset managers that our relationships afford.
Part of the reason we can do this is that our Broker/Dealer, H. Beck, Inc., is an independent firm.  As a result, we are free from the conflicts of interest often found in the financial services field that can result in advisors settling for less.
Our primary sources of portfolio managers in our individually managed accounts comes through our relationship with Mt. Yale Investment Counsel in Denver and with The Bank of New York in lower Manhattan.  Our lead real estate management firms are based in Cleveland, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Chicago, and our futures portfolio managers are in Los Angeles and Boston.
We operate from quaint, little Lewisburg by choice.  We live in West Virginia because we love it and its natural beauty.  We can do so because the best the world has to offer to us and to our clientele is really only a moment away.

A Completely Independent



Greenbrier Capital Corporation is an independently owned company.  H. Beck, Inc., the registered investment advisory and securities firm we are associated with, is the company through which employees of Greenbrier Capital Corporation hold securities and investment advisory registrations.

What does it mean for a Broker/Dealer to be independent?  It means important advantages for the supervisory firm's clientele.  For the financial services professional, it means freedom to make the right, client-centered choices for the advisor.  Independence means the avoidance of influence from management which could be detrimental to the client but financially beneficial to the financial services firm or its parent company.  It means the elimination of various conflicts of interest that can work against clients.  For example, there have been several highly publicized scandals involving brokerage firms' Securities Analysis Divisions producing biased reviews.  Those reviews and the resulting stock "buy recommendations" were issued on companies for which other divisions of those same brokerage firms had underwritten and profited from the stock issues involved in the first place.  This is a serious conflict of interest working against the individual investor.  Firms like ours that have no propietary products and do not underwrite securities' issues, avoid such conflicts by the very nature of their structure.
In short, independence means that we can pursue our mission to source the highest quality investment products and managers for our clientele free of negative or self-serving influence.
At Greenbrier Capital Corporation, we are proud that the firm our securities registrations are allied to is H. Beck, Inc.  H. Beck, Inc. is not owned by a big bank or a big insurance company or some other big, obfuscated conglomerate off in the distance.  Our long-time clients know that H. Beck, Inc. has always been fiercely independent.  In recent years though, many of the independent Broker/Dealers have been acquired and merged into the mammoth financial services companies advertised routinely in the national media.  One giant insurance/banking/brokerage company we know has swallowed six of them in the last few years.  As more and more firms have lost their independence, H. Beck, Inc. has become even more respected for resisting such a takeover.


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